Brand Ambassador Lab

You are not just a CV, you certainly are all the things and experiences you had in your life.

It is more important to us to know how you would like to live, to enjoy life, what you love and what your passions are.
The Brand Ambassador is the perfect example of how you can work by doing what you love.

It’s the future of employment because, in a time where human aspects seem to lose in significance, the real innovation lies in the return to real human feelings. To love and be loved. To meet, be interested in and listen to each other.

In the general frenzy of our society, we often buy out of necessity, not because we want to enjoy a good experience. The extremely dispersive offer out there is inhibiting our awareness of what we purchase.
But the shaping of our own image, the satisfaction of our own taste and the freedom of choice are basic needs for our self-confidence and wellbeing.
This is where the Brand Ambassador steps in to reduce the gap between businesses and buyers, knowing their spaces and day to day activities. He/she is a professional who identifies with the brand’s philosophy, who becomes the messenger of the product’s core values and who provides necessary feedback to improve the companies’ proposals.
Are you a fan of food & beverage? Are you a wine expert, do you like mixology, are you a bartender? Do you like cooking and baking cakes? It’s time to make a living out of your passions.

Which features are needed to be a Brand Ambassador?

  • Live in Germany, speak Italian, English and preferably German,
  • Believe in the value of training and knowledge,
  • Able to organize and work independently, it’s a freelance job, with own tax ID,
  • Make proposals, carry on with own way of thinking,
  • Believe in yourself and in your own potential,
  • Know the fine difference between freedom and anarchy ,
  • Being honest about your needs and limits,
  • Being loyal and responsible, a person you can humanly rely on.

What do we offer?

  • The advantages of an autonomous job, working whenever and wherever you prefer,
  • The possibility of doing this as a second job,
  • The opportunity of having fun while working,
  • A team which offers cohesion and support,
  • A long term perspective,
  • The Brand Ambassador can choose his/her favourite brands,
  • Education

Education is meant as a preparation for the job.
You are born as Brand Ambassador, but with BA LAB you become one.

With Brand Ambassador Lab you will learn the basics needed to carry out professionally the tasks of this job.

Some of the education units are: time management, motivation, relationship marketing, emotional intelligence, selling strategies, web marketing and many more.

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