Getting the feel of harmony.

The identity of every place is mainly reflected in its design features. In Italy, design culture has roots which run deep with its history. Since always, artistic movements influenced and shaped industrial design and are still fundamental for making distinctive products with a high selling potential.

Since the aftermaths of the Second World War, design was one of the main drivers of this country’s economical growth.

Combining creativity and practicality needs a strong innovative and experimental will, without giving up the solid ground of tradition.

Italian products abroad are a guarantee of quality, both because of the commodities used and the production process, with a strict focus on sustainability and the core principles of craftsmanship. From packaging to graphics, from communication to advertisement, the presentation of the final product always embodies a highly artistic value.

Colibri sees in design one of the main pillars of its own activity, as it is mainly design that has an impact on our everyday life and existence. Matter and philosophy are blended. What simply was an object or a tool has become an element of worship, an extension of our taste and ideas. In this extraordinary process, Italy is at the center of the earth.

Ph. Federica Fanni