Tell us who you are, without speaking.

If Italy is renowned for its art, this is also thanks to its fashion and style. Made in Italy is a brand of excellence, because it’s reflecting a unique working process and attention to detail, a synonym of great creativity, innovation, research and most of all quality.

Italians abroad are seen as stylish, refined, and elegant. Since thousands of years, Italian textures make the world fall in love. From the Roman Empire until Renaissance, nobody could resist the grace of our attire. Today Italian stylists are dominating catwalks, shop windows and boutiques. However, not only with their cloths but also with their accessories, jewels and everything that you can wear.

Because fashion is not simply about earning money, it’s more of a choice, one that makes us what we are. It’s culture, history and the tale of the most beautiful side of Italy, one that will last forever.

Colibri wants to help enterprises to tell their story, to take them by their hand while crossing the border and searching the one to one contact with the final customers. They don’t have to feel as externals to the process of creation, but able to get in touch with every single product.

Ph. Federica Fanni