Country Management – Sell In

We have all techniques and instruments required to facilitate the product placement on the market and to boost sales. All enterprises have the potential to develop abroad, no matter the size, because Colibri selects the most promising strategies to optimize a Company’s resources and therefore obtaining the maximum efficiency and avoiding wastes.

We offer specific services such as:

  • Analyzing the market;
  • Searching for commercial partners (suppliers, importers);
  • Scouting and supervising the sales network;
  • Developing business in channels such as Horeca, large-scale distribution, Feinkost, retail.

Promotion – Sell Out

The three main goals for promotion – i.e. all instruments of operative marketing a company needs to influence a specific market – are profitability, penetration and loyalty marketing.

Sell out is the main reason behind this process, made to increase the sales within an efficient and long-term perspective.

Colibri offers, through the figure of the Brand Ambassador, following services:

  • Visiting final customers;
  • Showcasing the product;
  • Company presentation;
  • Customer selection.


The company’s location and its potential in a certain territory are basic elements of geomarketing. In order to understand the purchase behavior one has to understand the space in which clients move, know their habits and needs in a global market perspective. This is how to approach with respect and awareness a shared economical space.

Colibri is therefore looking at following points:

  • Developing commercial concepts;
  • Opening representative offices;
  • All stages of contracting;
  • Temporary store;
  • Translation services;
  • Language classes.

Marketing and communication

The market is constantly changing the approach to communication. Language is evolving, digital is gaining the upper hand, it is more and more necessary to think universally and not at one’s own discretion. Companies are thinking according to the famous concept of 4E: Experience, Exchange, Everyplace and Evangelism.

Colibri provides companies with the best solutions to meet such expectations:

  • PR;
  • Press office;
  • Creating and managing ad campaigns;
  • Digital communication;
  • Developing e-commerce websites;
  • SEO, SEM, DEM;
  • Social networking;
  • Graphics;
  • Content creator;
  • Counselling for product placement within the large-scale distribution channel.

Fairs and events

Fairs and events are the best opportunities where businesses can introduce themselves and claim their position in a certain branch. The strength of a brand lies in the skills of creating lasting relationships, with people that can understand its identity and core value. It is very important to have empathy and commitment in order to create a sense of belonging on a one to one basis –which can be carried on virtually – and that the final client knows his/her role in the market.

For this reason, Colibri also provides following services:

  • Managing and organizing fairs and events;
  • Searching and selecting a location;
  • Catering/bar tendering services;
  • Hostess and modelling services;
  • Photographs and video services.

Brand Ambassador Lab

In the general frenzy of our society, we often buy out of necessity, not because we want to enjoy a good experience. The extremely dispersive offer out there is inhibiting our awareness of what we purchase.

But the shaping of our own image, the satisfaction of our own taste and the freedom of choice are basic needs for our self-confidence and wellbeing. This is where the Brand Ambassador steps in to reduce the gap between businesses and buyers, knowing their spaces and day-to-day activities. He/she is a professional who identifies with the brand’s philosophy, who becomes the messenger of the product’s core values and who provides necessary feedback to improve the companies’ proposals.

BA Lab has been established as an educational platform for Brand Ambassadors. We help them developing the instruments needed to sharpen their self-awareness, to move with more ease in society, to identify and create trends and to improve the life of others through their own passion.

With this, Brand Ambassadors can have an impact on the clients’ attitude towards self-determination, love for oneself and for others, as well as taking time to explore things.

Passion combined with skills can become a job and at the same time the most authentic and efficient tool to create a long lasting relationship between companies and selected customers.

When we grow culture, self-esteem, beauty, taste, love for ourselves and for the things around us, we can make the world a better place.